An Ode To Keeping It Simple

I’ve been thinking about this blog about as long as I’ve been thinking about our cross-country cycle trip, but, while I’ve made significant steps towards actualizing the latter, the former (this blog…) has largely been a stagnant idea in the back of my mind until right….. about now.

See, I work in online marketing. I write in a blog for a living. I get paid to create editorial calendars. I live in WordPress. People pay an hourly rate to talk to me about blogging.

You’d think all of those qualifying factors would make starting this blog all the easier, but, instead, I’ve found all that knowledge to be a real barrier to entry. Instead of just making a blog, I want to make THE PERFECT WEBSITE. (I WANT ALL THE THINGZ.)

Hyperbole and a Half gal typing

Which has resulting in a lot of time thinking, more time over-thinking, and zero time actually writing in the blog.

Well, today standing in a laundry mat, I am deciding to forget all that.

All of that thinking has been making this blog no fun before it even starts.

It’s funny, really. I guess It’s just like anything else; like having kids, or changing jobs, or riding your bike cross country. If you’re not careful you can end up spinning your wheels forever trying to get everything just perfect before jumping in, when in reality, all of that overthinking is just causing you to miss the forest for the trees.

So why am I wasting your time writing a blog post about my own blog feet dragging experience?

I am writing this post for two reasons:

1) Mostly for myself, to kick start this M-effer blog. To get the ball moving. To cannonball into the deep end. To commit! To take the Facebook engineering route and make a “done is better than perfect” resolution.

I think a large part of what’s kept me from starting this blog is a feeling that I need to start from the beginning; like the first posts need to naturally be an explanation of why we’re taking this trip, where we plan to go; how we got here and all of that. Like the blog should read like a book with a natural beginning. Sounds nice, but, the idea of cataloging all of that has me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed so, instead, I am to keep it simple by kicking it off with this ice breaker post and then letting this beast evolve on its own – with its own personality and its own style and its own organization (or lack of organization!) — from here on out.

In general you can expect this blog to be filled with gear reviews/feedback (we’ve be trying out all kinds of gear in preparation of our trip); coverage of our adventures day-to-day both on our trip, and as we train; other random cycling-related business; and probably many more random posts like this as we come across beautiful things that are worth talking about. We might also write in here periodically about permaculture, natural building (cob/straw bale) and other things that are of interest to us, and the life we’re working to build one day at a time.

2) Because I feel like there’s a life lesson that is directly applicable to our bike ride tied up in all this blog feet-dragging. The lesson? Don’t overthink the things you want to do or you may end up with nothing.


I’ve been trying to over-think the crap out of this blog, when, really, I just need to keep it simple. I need to pull up in a laundry mat and just do it (in the least Nike way possible).

The same goes for this cross-country bike trip. If I want to ride my bike across the country I need to ride my bike; not get caught up in whether I have the right shoes or if I’m fit enough. I need to stop spinning (my brain wheels), and start spinning (my bike wheels).

Wit that — if this blog is a giant metaphor for the huge 5,000+ mile bike ride I am about to undertake in 2.5 months, think of this stream of consciousness post like my first 3-mile bike ride on my Craig’slist bike. We’ve all got to start somewhere, and every journey starts with one single step – not with thousands of hours trying to plan your launch so perfectly that you never end up leaving the house.

Today’s Resolution
Today I resolve to live a life with less planning and more doing.

And with that – off to the races! Thanks for reading this far. Hope you stick around for the ride!

About Chelsea A.

A slow rolling cyclist looking to be an active participant in my own life. Interested in straw bale building, Wayne's World, books on tape, and taking it all one day at a time.

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  1. Goddamn, why didn’t you tell me about this blog before?
    This is great.


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