Practice ride 2.0: Ventura to Leo Carrillo, Down the PCH

Practice ride 2.0. That’s what we’re calling this ride, a 60 mile round trip from Ventura to Leo Carrillo State Beach, with an overnight camp. We picked a beautiful weekend to do this trip! The weather was lovely; sun was out (we got sunburns! Apparently no one told us it turned from winter to summer overnight.); wind was out (we got stuck in a couple pretty gnarly headwinds).

Chelsea, fighting a gnarly head wind coming across the Oxnard plain, but making it look easy.
Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids! A much needed head wind, er, water break.
California coastline, just south of Point Mugu. (Can you believe it’s still snowing in the Midwest??) (Sorry Michigan!)

We arrived at Leo Carrillo State Beach in a little over three hours of riding, which is a little slow for us, but we battled a big head wind part of the way and stopped in for lunch at the famous Neptune’s Net restaurant.

Dustin, Dan and John at the entrance to Leo Carrillo campground. (And Dustin checking his phone to see if he’s getting the Cycling App “clout” he deserves!)
Chelsea at the entrance to the campground.

Once we arrived at camp we set up our tents, assessed our sunburns (with the cool ocean breeze it was hard to tell how bad the sun was cooking us until it was too late), and took an extremely cold and quick (but free!) shower. After exploring the campground and nearby beach, we ate some dinner and settled our aching bodies down for the night. Morning would come soon and with it the ride back up the coast towards home… and with it just a little more soreness and a lot more tiredness than the journey down.

Camp sweet camp … for the night. Leo Carrillo State park.

Stay tuned! We have another practice ride coming up in a few weeks. This next one will be a a three-day challenge from Ventura to Carpinteria then on up to Gaviota State Park (and then back again, of course, since we don’t plan to move to Santa Barabara at this point).


In the meantime, chat us up in the comments below!

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