Seattle Day Three: “Ooooooh…. I get it..!”

Today is our third full day in Seattle and I am starting to see the whole Seattle big-picture. Since my last blog post I’ve realized immersing yourself in Seattle is kind of like jumping into a fridged cold pool; it looks really fun from a distance and you really want to be in the pool, but then when you jump in your heart kind of stops from the shock of it all, and then it hurts all over a little bit, and then…. you acclimate and it feels fine and you never want to get out (or, at least you don’t want to get out for a very long while).

Over the last three days Dustin and I have seen five parts of Seattle: Capital Hill (where our primary housing is at), the area surrounding the University of Washington, the Cental District, West Seattle and Vashon Island.

Now that I’ve had the chance to see the many dimensions of Seattle Tuesday’s “where am I? Who set this time machine to land in Chicago??” feeling of city-struck confusion has been replaced with more of an epiphanic “Oooohhh…. I get it…!” feeling.

Here are some highlights in pictures:

Dustin at the University of Washington

Can you spot Dustin’s levitating heads at the University of Washington?


A woman biking on the UW campus

Seattle: The land of single Ortlieb panniers. (Oh, and the UW College of Earth Science)

Straw bale house in Vashon, WA

That’s a straw bale house! Spotted on top of a lovely hill on Vashon Island, WA

A cyclist in the woods

Dustin could get used to these woods…

A yurt home on Vashon Island, WA

A house expanded with a Yurt (!) on Vashon island.

Cyclist drinking water in West Seattle

Looking at Seattle from West Seattle.


Alki Train in West Seattle

The Alki Trail bike path through West Seattle (looking onward at Downtown Seattle).



Next Up…

Next up: Burien to see Bethany, and an Amtrak ride to Widbey Island to see Lauren and Travis Free. After much debate, we finally decided to take an Amtrak from Seattle up toward the Northern Peninsula islands rather than riding our bikes north. This will get us headed East three-four days sooner (which will get us three-four days closer to Michigan and KT’s wedding in August!) So – tomorrow, Saturday, is our last day in Seattle for a while. I feel anxious about leaving since we still have the comfort of knowing someone here in the city… but it’s about that time to get on gettin’ on…

About Chelsea A.

A slow rolling cyclist looking to be an active participant in my own life. Interested in straw bale building, Wayne's World, books on tape, and taking it all one day at a time.

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  1. Love you so freaking much it makes me cry. Got your care package today ❤


    • Ah! And I love YOU! That package was packed with extra care just for you ❤ So excited to see you on this day of my daughter’s your wedding! I will mooch car rides so hard to be there on time. Wish you were here in the woods with me.


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