Days 2-3: Bay View to Diablo, WA

Day Two: Bay View to Rock Port, WA

After the Monday’s cluster… err…..rousing learning experience, we woke up early on day two to start fresh. Day two was scenic headed from Bay View to Rock Port. No one threw their bikes over any bridges. Swearing was minimal. Phone service was even more minimal. We saw a lot of cows and even more super green trees.

After climbing some pretty decent hills, we found a campsite, I called my mom to tell her I was alive, and we shared a campfire with two fellow Northern Tier cyclists — Mark and Jose. Mark had with him a tour-rigged banjo and he strummed us some tunes while we used The Mini Stick to tourture our IT Bands. For dinner we ate whatever the heck we wanted to, including a whole bag of Doritos Munchies and some Molasses cookies.

Day Three: Rock Port, WA to Diablo, WA

Day three we woke up in Rock Port, took speed showers in the campsite bathroom (3 minutes each), and set off East toward Diablo (a stopping point highly recommended by Lauren and Travis).

This day was really beautiful. Day two from Bay View to Rock Port was beautiful, but Rock Port to Diablo was even better. There was a whole section of the ride that felt like we were riding through the rain forest. It smelled great and it made the mostly-flat ride. Then we hit New Halem which, as I warned Dustin, was the beginning of the end (with the end being relentless mountain climbing).

From New Halem to Diablo we did about 9 miles of climbing. Like….real climbing. Like, going 3.4mph and stopping for a mini break every mile climbing. As the views got better the road got steeper. This was our first official introduction to what was to come on our day four ascent up to Washington Pass.

The ride from New Halem to Diablo was definitly a challenge, but I am really glad we did it (rather than stopping in New Halem, for instance). Doing it as the end part of day three gave us a good sneak peak which helped us mentally prepare for day four, plus the climb from New Halem to Diablo was pretty darn steep, so doing it as the end of day three meant we didn’t have to do it as a tack-on to the beginning of what was going to be an already crazy day four.

Some day 2-3 photo highlights:

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Clearly the most magical place on earth.

The view of Diablo Lake from our campsite.

The Scagit River that ran (fast!) along side us basically the whole ride from Rock Port to Diablo.

Happy folks with a waterfall on a very scary high up bridge in the middle of the climb to Diablo.


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A slow rolling cyclist looking to be an active participant in my own life. Interested in straw bale building, Wayne's World, books on tape, and taking it all one day at a time.

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  1. I just rode my motorcycle there last week. It’s so awesome there. Did you guys ride on the Diablo dam?


    • Travis- I’m not sure if we actually rode on the Diablo Dam. We stayed at the Colonial campsite. There was a lot of elevation gain between Newhalem and Diablo, and we went across a big grated bridge and slept next to a lake. It really was beautiful. Saw a kayaker… He looked really peaceful. And there weren’t any Mosquitos!! Which was a god-send we’re now realizing as we’re getting eaten alive in Idaho/eastern WA mosquito land.


  2. awesome pic’s. maybe someone else could get a worry call too!


  3. We have a picture on that same scary bridge with the waterfall in the background!


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