Days 1: Riding from Whidbey Island to Bay View, WA

Not counting our ride from Everette to Coupville, we officially kicked off our bike tour with a ride from Oak Harbor (where Lauren and Travis Free live on Whidbey Island) to Bay View, WA. I’m pretty sure the mileage for this ride from point A to point B is only like 15 miles, but we road about 35 miles…. mostly in circles. Here’s how it went down in a neat bullet list:

  • We left Lauren and Travis’ house around 10am (about an hour and a half later than planned because their puppy was too cute to leave and their couches too comfortable)
  • We rode up SR 20, planning to skip Anacortes and take a short cut to get moving East
  • We got to Deception Pass; we attempted to cross a very very narrow, very foggy bridge using the very narrow passenger walkways (because the bridge was so narrow and foggy it seemed unsafe to ride in the road); in an attempt to get across the very narrow passenger bridge as fast as we could…..dustin kncked a front pannier against the wall, which caused him to stop short, which caused me to ram into the back of him…which cause his wheel to turn into a wobbly piece of un-rolling poo.
  • We backed our bikes off the very narrow passenger walkway (which was hard) and then we turned the bike over and swore a lot and used the spoke wrench and a small amount of science/skill/trial and error to tighten and loosen some spokes and swear some some until we could get the wheel spinning normally enough to get it to a bike shop.
  • From there we rode up to Anacortes to find the nearest bike shop to get Dustin’s wheel fixed (“trued” as they call it in the bike world). With $16 taken from the “bike repair” fund, we headed East…again….to give it another try.
  • Turns out Map one of the ACA (Adventure Cycling Association) maps is drunk; lots of ammendments were included and it was generally reallly hard to follow. Also. It was our first day of riding maps and we were in a more urban area so there was a lot of room for error. Long story short, we rode around in circles a lot and swore a lot and Dustin said he was going to write the ACA an angry letter and we rode across a crazy busy freeway bridge because we couldn’t find the mysterious pedestrian bridge and eventually we ended up in Bay View where we could camp and cry and forget about the magical glory (horror) of day one.

On the bright side:

  1. We started!
  2. We got to camp in a nice spot by the ocean for only $12
  3. Dustin’s bike got fixed (and not thrown over the bridge in a rampage)
  4. We saw this giant slug, which we named “poo slug” because he’s so big he looks like a poo, and
  5. We’d planned to skip Anacortes — which meant we were probably going to have to skip the Pacific Ocean tire dip — but apparently God didn’t want that, so we ended up seeing Anacortes anyway and we got to dip our tires in the Ocean, which made Dustin very happy. 🙂

Dipping our back tires in the Pacific Ocean to kick off our tour (it was pretty hard rolling up and down a sand hill… but worth it!)

Eating a cold chunk of homemade macaroni and cheese we confiscated from Lauren and Travis’ house (thanks guys!)

A panoramic view of the Bay View beach.





About Chelsea A.

A slow rolling cyclist looking to be an active participant in my own life. Interested in straw bale building, Wayne's World, books on tape, and taking it all one day at a time.

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  1. Just curious … WTH are you Breaking you teeth on i.e. trying to bite into?


    • It’s a cold brick of old macaroni and cheese we borrowed (stole with permission) from Oak Harbor.

      Dinner in the woods is sometimes…… Interesting. This dinner is particular was actually amazing, though. I’ll eat Mac and cheese cold or hot any day (all day)


  2. what an ordeal, glad you didn’t pitch the bike dust! try to safe and not travel where visibility is so poor, that’s just a recipe for disaster that I personal cringe at the thought of. keep it safe, luv ya!


    • Yeah– we’re glad we got the bike trouble ordeal out of the way early on… Haven’t seen anymore troubles since.

      We’re definitely trying to stay visible! This whole ordeal happened, actually, because we were trying to take the pedestrian bridge to avoid getting runned over. We’re using our lights in fog and tunnels and staying on the shoulders. Oh, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed and saying our prayers 🙂



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