Shoe Of The Day #2

We found a lost flip-flop in Bay View, and then this gem around Rock Port. (We've noticed that, apparently, people in the country prefer to keep track of both their shoes significanlty more than people in the city.) (They do not prefer to keep track of both their gloves, though. We've seen so many of those!)


Posted on June 6, 2014, in Shoe Of The Day. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Bayview is where Justin grew up! Pretty slammin’ town huh?


  2. beautiful bird, even though it’s dead, lets just not get too jungle man wild and start mowing things down just to photograph them, we will still believe your stories of grandeur even if they are only visualized in our heads. ha, ha!


    • Ha, Vicki!! We would never! Besides….we would never need to; the fast moving vehicles seem to be doing a pretty good job mowing down all the best looking birds at an alarming rate, anyway. 😉

      Glad you’ve finally learned to love our dead bird pictures! They’re just too beautiful to pass up! I have been strongly considering buying some binoculars…. I think they would be worth the weight.


  3. This shoe was being a jerk so its SO kicked it out of the car to walk home. Right now it’s sitting there thinking about what it has done.


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