Michigan Party Details!! 08/09/14

The day has come! For all ya’ll looking for information about my Michigan coming home/half-way party, here are the details:

I rode my bicycle 2,468 miles from Washington state to Michigan… Now it’s time to party Royal Oak BBQ style! My cousin Sara has offered up her backyard for us to BBQ and hug and talk road stories (sneak preview: Dustin had to mace a Rottweiler the other day and we’ve been riding in the rain for six straight days).

Here’s the details:

Address: [Since removed]

Time: 3pm-8pm

We’ll have food and beverages, but please BYOB if you want to booze it up and if you bring something to share (food wise) that would be swell (but it’s not required)

Text me with questions or leave a comment here! I will answer when I have phone service and when it’s not pouring rain.

About Chelsea A.

A slow rolling cyclist looking to be an active participant in my own life. Interested in straw bale building, Wayne's World, books on tape, and taking it all one day at a time.

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  1. I am glad that you are having a good time and congratulations on making it half way; can’t wait for you guys to make it home for the party on this end!


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