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Vermont! A better late than never post.


Now that we’ve been home for a few months and mourned (mostly) the loss of that freedom that one only acquires while on the road, I’ve decided that it’s time to finish, or at least continue our blog/journal from the road. I’m writing this now because I’m really missing the open road, but also because I feel like I must do justice to all these beautiful people and places we visited by sharing them with you who have supported us before and during our journey and continue to support us now that we are back. And yes, this is a post by me (Dustin), so it won’t be as eloquently written as Chelsea’s posts, but it will include lots of pictures 🙂



After leaving New York and the Adirondack Park we took a ferry across Lake Champlain and into Vermont. The scenery was just like a post card! Rolling green hills and secluded farm houses as far as the eye could see. It felt like we were in a Cabot Cheese commercial. We strolled along the rolling hills, East towards the Green Mountains. The approach of the mountains was bitter sweet. We knew that climbing the mountains would get us to our lovely friends Crystal and Dwayne for some R&R, but it also meant the beginning of mountain climbing for pretty much the rest of the journey. Besides a few climbs in the Adirondacks we hadn’t had any huge mountain passes since the Rockies. I think the promise of home-made fish fry from Crystal and Dwayne was the only thing that got us up and over those Green Mountains.

IMG_3547 IMG_3550



Our first night in Vermont we were exhausted from riding uphill all day. We couldn’t find our campsite and it was beginning to get dark, In hind site, I don’t think the campsite still exists (Thanks a lot Adventure Cycling maps). Luckily for us we came across the Pumpkin Patch Bed and Breakfast where the very kind proprietors Rich & Debbie Mathiesen graciously allowed us to camp in their back yard; they even gave us access to a spare room for showering/bathroom needs. Rich also greeted us in the morning and offered up some detour advice regarding a road closure on our route. Thank you so much Rich and Debbie!!

IMG_3632After we left the Pumpkin Patch we headed directly uphill for a long day of climbing, trying to get as close to Crystal and Dwayne’s house as possible so that we could call our rescue wagon (Crystal and her new cargo van) to come pick us up and take us home to the fish fry promise land. When we’d had enough climbing for one day we stopped at a campsite near a river, swam a little, and waited for Crystal to rescue us and take us home to her place where we ate, rested, fished, ate some more, did i say rested, and laughed and carried on together in what will forever be known as the “New England Slam”.

Screenshot (29)



10622801_10205029369313068_4012214310768285218_n Screenshot (28) Screenshot (27)10645337_10205029368913058_5088693306812899190_n

Leaving Crystal and Dwayne was very hard for us, but we new we had to push on if we were going to get to the East coast and finish our tour before the weather started getting colder. We still had the White Mountains of New Hampshire ahead of us and the dreaded Kancamagus Pass to climb, and then the steep hills of Maine before we’d reach the Atlantic Coast and the end of our Journey. Thank you so much Crystal and Dwayne, and all of our new Vermont friends! We love and miss you and think about you guys constantly.

Some more Vermont pictures:


Screenshot (32)

Screenshot (34)Screenshot (33)











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