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Shoe of the day #6


This extremely blown-out moccasin/slipper was spotted outside Petoskey, MI. I estimate that it was this well worn down long before it was lost on the road and run over by all manor of vehicles. Because of this, we can only assume that it will be truly missed by its owner.

On a lighter note; the moccasin was spotted right next to this beautiful quarry pond. The torquois water was extremely inviting, like a tropical lagoon, but we had to resist as this water is almost certainly filled with bacteria and/or all manner of industrial pollutants.




Shoe of the day #5

It’s been a while since we served up some shoe of the day to you. We haven’t had as much luck spotting shoes on the country back roads we’ve been taking lately. It seems that shoes are mostly lost on interstates and busier highways. I’ll also admit that I’ve passed up a lot of shoes because I’ve been cycling at a great pace and didn’t want to stop to get a picture…sorry!

Today the universe provided us with a bountiful gift to make up for our laziness and to reward your patience with us. I give to you the extremely rare, roadside shoe tree.




Shoe Of The Day #4

Shoes are still scarce in these parts. Not scarce: beer cans, dead birds and deer bones (both fresh and sun dried). We did find this gem roadside right outside Idaho, but nothing yet in Montana.


Shoe Of The Day #3

World's second largest Converse; found between Omak and Republic, WA (where the streets have no names and all the stories are told by animal bones).


Shoe Of The Day #2

We found a lost flip-flop in Bay View, and then this gem around Rock Port. (We've noticed that, apparently, people in the country prefer to keep track of both their shoes significanlty more than people in the city.) (They do not prefer to keep track of both their gloves, though. We've seen so many of those!)


Shoe of the day! #1

I don’t know why or how it happens, but Dustin and I are always seeing single abandoned shoes. We see them even more moving slowly via bicycle. To commemorate the weirdness of losing just one shoe, we’re going to do a shoe of the day series for your enjoyment.

Feel free to comment with hypothesis about how the shoe got there and the circumstances surrounding its separation from its shoe mate.


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